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How To Have A Brighter Room

Updated: May 7, 2019

There's many ways to give your room a brighter look instead of having a moody feel to it, Paint it the same color as the wall to create a break in the wall. This will allow light to hit it at certain angles causing shadows and contrast- even when painted the same color.

-Use a room that receives plenty of natural light.

-Keep the floors a lighter color.

-Utilize area rugs

-Decorate the walls with complimenting paintings and fixtures.

-Use base and crown molding. Paint white or a lighter color to break up the dark walls.

-Keep the ceiling white or a much lighter color.

-Keep the furniture lighter or with accentuating bold colors. But steer the furniture colors away from the same color as the wall.

-Mirrors on the opposite side of a window that received a lot of light.

-Utilize a moody wall, rather than an entire moody room. This basically means painting an accent wall a dark bold color.

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