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A painter using a roller to create a smooth, even finish on a freshly painted wall
A residential exterior with vibrant new paint, enhancing curb appeal and protecting the home.

OLY'S Painting is a professional painting contractor in Wharton, New Jersey, has provided painting services in Randolph, New Jersey for residential and commercial customers, we had very satisfied clients that received our painting services in Denville, NJ. Just like you, high-quality interior and exterior painting since 2008! We have kept our promise to deliver what every customer wants, including a team of professionals that:


Do the job right - from neat trim and cut-in corners to the right paint or stain products for the surfaces involved.


Earns your trust by treating you, your property, and your belongings with utmost care and respect.


Offers a complete, accurate, and rock-solid estimate

Offers a dedicated team of local managers and staff, who return all calls promptly and listen to your concerns.


Works quickly and carefully to smooth the way, while accommodating your scheduling needs.


With Painting Contractor (OLY'S painting)  you get a team of professionals that schedules reliably, writes solid estimates, works quickly and carefully, and returns all phone calls promptly.





Since we don't use subcontractors, we get your job done right the first time.

These days many service providers, especially roofing and painting contractors use subcontractors rather than employees to provide labor on their projects. The practice of subcontracting allows a company to eliminate the need for “real” employees, thus also eliminating their need to pay payroll taxes, workers compensation insurance costs, health and dental coverage.

At OLY'S Painting we DO NOT use subcontractors. We are proud to offer our painting services in Jefferson, NJ.


We know what you’re looking for in your next painting project

  • A clear understanding for all involved of all the project details.

  • Once the job starts, any problems that arise are handled by an on-site foreman with full communication back to you about the progress being made.

  • You can relax and move on to the next project.

With multiple subcontractors, the communication often gets stretched out down the line: You – Contractor – Subcontractor –another subcontractor – then maybe even another subcontractor. With OLY'S Painting you know who is showing up to do your job.


No waking up in the middle of night wondering:

  • Who are these workers I’m letting onto my property tomorrow?

  • Did I make sure they were insured?

  • Are they following OSHA regulations, or might I be risking a shut-down?


Are you happy with the beginning, middle, and end product? OLY'S Painting Services will deal with you directly, step-by-step to insure that all of your needs are met and that your satisfaction is 100%. Many horror stories begin with the acceptance of the lowest bid, a fast-paced project without any communication, and the sudden disappearance of the subcontractor when they feel the job was complete to their satisfaction – not yours.

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