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How Does Paint Work?

Once paint is applies on to the surface, its drying process begins. The paint starts to evaporate, leaving a film of paint behind.The film is what binds and gives pigment. It is important to paint neatly on the surface, because the way you paint determines how its going to dry. If it does not dry correctly, this can lad to cracking, peeling, and other maladies.

As they dry, the oils in the paint begin to connect and form new particles in the process. However, f your using water based paints the pigment does not chemically bond as the paint is drying. Alternatively,the particles move loser together to fill gaps left by the evaporating water particles.

The result is that paints perform differently compared to oil-based paint. Oil-based paint is hard and brittle, while water-based is more of a softer paint when its against surface. Oil-based paint is more likely to crack when movement occurs. However, water-based paint is more flexible and will not crack.


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Since 2008, we have maintained a commitment to providing customers with a good quality paint job at a reasonable price. We are all proud of OLY'S Painting Services tradition and vision.

It can be overwhelming trying to choose colors for your painting project. So many choices. So many surfaces. To make it easier our company offers a free color consultation, ask us how when you call to schedule your appointment.

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