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Updated: May 7, 2019

There's many ways to give your room a brighter look instead of having a moody feel to it, Paint it the same color as the wall to create a break in the wall. This will allow light to hit it at certain angles causing shadows and contrast- even when painted the same color.

-Use a room that receives plenty of natural light.

-Keep the floors a lighter color.

-Utilize area rugs

-Decorate the walls with complimenting paintings and fixtures.

-Use base and crown molding. Paint white or a lighter color to break up the dark walls.

-Keep the ceiling white or a much lighter color.

-Keep the furniture lighter or with accentuating bold colors. But steer the furniture colors away from the same color as the wall.

-Mirrors on the opposite side of a window that received a lot of light.

-Utilize a moody wall, rather than an entire moody room. This basically means painting an accent wall a dark bold color.

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A prime consumer concern is washability, and the glossier the paint, the more easily washed it is. But the shinier the paint, the more light is reflected, which can be annoying in some settings. Since the paint is thinner, it will show imperfections in a substrate more readily than flat paint. Washability is still desired. Where a paint requires greater washability, the glossier paints are preferred. Such areas might include bathrooms, kitchen, and trim.

Drying time is another important idea for a painter to understand. Drying times for alkyd and latex based paints can vary considerably according to the weather and temperature. For example, when the humidity is high, paints can take far longer to dry than they ordinarily would, simply because the rate of evaporation is decreased. It is important to allow paint to dry not only to recoat it, but also to clean it. Some paint can be recoated in a matter of hours, but it may be weeks before it can be washed.

The key term when the painter is considering whether a paint can catch fire is flash point, or the point at which a paint could catch fire. Although there are variations, every alkyd-based product should be considered flammable, simply because some products ignite when touched with a spark and others do not. For safety's sake, it is best to assume that all can.

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A professional painter should keep in mind a number of factors when selecting paint for a job, the most important rule is to never choose paint for the client. Let the client do it, and carefully explain how different forces can affect the final color of paint.

This rule should be ironclad. Many a frustration has resulted from the painter's picking the color of the paint. Once the paint is swatched, it will hardly look the same when its is on the house. The normal procedure when a paint is mixed, is to dab a little of the mixed paint on the color chip and than wait for it to dry. The chips used to match are paint, so they will likely be very close.

If a chip has a flat or eggshell sheen, the dried dab will appear different, and sometimes more dramatic because of the way it reflects on the light. Paint will change its color depending on the amount of the light in the room. Those factors that affect paint color are surface porosity, the light reflectance of colors from adjacent objects.

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